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Tsa-rlung Therapy


Three main channels of the subtle body 

Five focal points for the reception and transmission of life energy (chakras)

Tsa-rlung therapy is a gentle yet powerful form of  energy therapy performed with the practitioner's hands after a careful diagnosis on the body  with the use of observation, appropriate questioning and traditional Tibetan diagnostic tools such as the pulse reading. The intuitive mind, concentration  and visualization play an integral part of the process. In many cases it can also be done from long distances.

Tsa-rlung therapy is based on principles from Tibetan and Indian tantric yoga traditions. With the popularization of yoga, many people are now familiar with the yogic model of a central regulatory system of the body-mind called subtle body. Anatomically the subtle body is comprised of channels (tsa) and chakras which are respectively passages and hubs. Through these channels, energies or winds (lung), drops or fluids like blood, metabolic heat, mind and sense consciousnesses circulate determining our state of health and well being.

The main focus of Tsa-rlung therapy is to restore the balance of the subtle energetic body by unblocking obstructions and enhancing the flow of Wind. Working therapeutically on the subtle body offers a more expansive prospective on human existence and the causality of our many modern health challenges. This has been a fundamental framework in Tibetan culture and is nowadays attracting the interest of Western science.

Tsa-rlung TrulKhor


Another great gift from the Tibetan yogic tradition is Tsa-rlung Trulkhor, ''magical wheel of channels and winds''. It is a practice that combines  specific postures, retention of breaths, visualization and movement with the aim to move our wind-energy throughout the subtle body  allowing it to reach deeper places and open more and more subtle channels.

Tsa-rlung Trulkhor can be a profound personal path in an effort to transform the human condition freeing it from struggle and unhappiness and reaching more self empowered and compassionate states of being.

Preliminary to the Trulkhor exercises are the somewhat less demanding movements of Lujong which can be performed by the average person for the physical and mental health.

I received these unique and precious teachings from Prof. Pasang Y. Arya and I'm sharing some of these exercises with interested individuals ,separately or in combination with Tsa-rlung therapy as a means to help rebalance the physical body, prevent disorders and increase awareness.

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