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' The doctor of the future 

will give no medicine,

but will instruct his patients

in care of the  human frame,

in diet and  in the cause and prevention of disease'

-Thomas Edison 

Tibetan Consultation

Initial consultation is an in depth and friendly discussion to gather as much information as possible  related to the current health imbalance. Tibetan Medicine diagnosis is particularly thorough incorporating techniques such as pulse and urine analysis, tongue and eye reading. The main focus is on locating energetic and systemic disharmonies rather than specific dysfunctions as is the case with conventional medicine. In many cases understanding the mental and emotional tendencies and habitual thoughts associated with the physical problems is also necessary.

Pulse diagnostic with hand on a tibetan

According to Tibetan Medicine, we all have an innate constitution, a unique combination of three primary energies called Wind, Bile and Phlegm. The Tibetan names for these forces influencing our body and mind  are Loong, Tripa and Badken. During a session, it is fundamental to discover one’s constitution in order to better understand the nature of the presenting imbalances and be able  to provide more appropriate advice. Therefore I have developed a detailed questionnaire that has to be filled prior to the consultation and be evaluated along with the findings of the  other diagnostic tools such as the pulse reading.


At the end of the consultation, together we decide and agree the approach. Tibetan Medicine traditionally begins by recommending adjustments in behavior, lifestyle and diet, according to one's constitution, past medical history, current health issues, seasonal changes, time of day, time of life and other individual characteristics. When this is not enough to address the imbalance, additional methods are employed such as special body-mind exercises, nutritional and herbal supplements, relaxation techniques and external therapies like horme and moxibustion(heating of specific points on the body).

I have a particular focus on creating an individual programme to support  the body-mind following cycles of nourishment and mild detoxing as I believe it can help in one’s effort to improve their overall health and vitality. I like explaining my approach in detail since Ι have witnessed how sufficient understanding from the client encourages them to make changes and follow guidelines more easily.

If you want to know more about Tibetan Medicine and how this amazing system might support your physical and mental well being please  feel free to contact me.

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