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About Ioanna


My studies  involved a great commitment and hard work and I had to take  the brave decision to quit Dentistry. I completed a 3-year training on Tibetan Medicine and a 2 year training on Tsa-rlung Energy Practice with renowned traditional physician Pasang Yonten Arya T Sherpa who is Director and leading Professor at Tibetan Medicine Education (TME) center in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

I'm continuing with  advanced studies in Tibetan Medicine (to complete the Kachupa Degree) with the TME Center.

In 2020, I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. The Emotion Code is an energy-based modality that is used to quickly and easily identify and release trapped emotional energy. It was developed by dr. Bradley Nelson over twenty years of practice as a chiropractor. The Emotion Code works by literally getting rid of emotional baggage.

I spend much of my spare time in my herb garden where I get most of my insights. With my husband and daughter, we are dedicated to making everything ourselves, from producing our food to making our clothes and furniture. Most valuable in my life apart from my family is my love for my books as I continue to learn and study on a daily basis.

I consider myself uniquely optimistic and never lose faith in humans.

Ioanna Lapata

Tibetan Naturopath(Amchi), Dentist  

My journey starts in Greece. I am very fortunate to have been born in a country with a rich medical and herbal tradition, in a family with outstanding culinary skills and foraging knowledge. I realized from a very young age that I was attracted to nature and  enjoyed caring for people. My first studies were in Dentistry, a science and profession which I served for nearly 18 years, in Greece running  my own  private practice and in Scotland as an associate in a well established clinic. I was specialized in safe removal of amalgam fillings.

In 2015 I moved with my family to Switzerland were I decided to study Tibetan Medicine. I chose  Tibetan Medicine for 2 reasons: curiosity and compassion. The whole structure of this ancient medical system is approaching human nature and its problems with a compassionate look. It emphasizes that the practitioner should not only be skillful and experienced in their work, but must also develop a good heart and be kind with clients, a synergetic factor in the efficacy of any treatment.

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